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Confidential Records

It’s no secret that Jack Douglas’ producing catalog is a rolodex of rock and roll’s superstars. John Lennon, Steven Tyler and pretty much any noteworthy musician of the 70s and 80s have had Douglas sitting in the booth, spinning the dials of their latest hit.. Now, an indisputable icon of the music industry, Douglas is expanding his efforts to the logistical side of making tunes. Founded in 2022, Confidential Records NYC is a bicoastal record label with a main office in NYC and a state of the art recording studio in LA. The label’s  mission is firm and sincere; to salvage and discover the hidden truths of music that made in the 21st Century. We have a varied and unique roster that defies genre, vintage leadership and a mysterious knack for making the impossible possible. At Confidential Records, we believe in the magic of powerful music and work with artists to capture beauty and integrity. We focus on development and give grounded support to our artists, encouraging them to dig deep and create what is written on the lining of their hearts….So how do we do it? Now, that’s the secret.

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